Getting on your inside track to prosperity

Each Enrollment Week, members are chosen  from this Global List, in order of registration here, to be introduced to our internal, PRIVATE members.

By the day you receive your Introduction to any of these Private Members who have an opening on their Inner Core Teams - they have already

  • submitted the Letter of Intent to maintain confidentiality
  • They have gathered and prepared their own Short List of prospective Candidates.
  • They had a chance to go through the Private Course site which introduces the system timelines and actions list, daily contracted duties, as well as a basic introduction to the 2 companies, before they received their Benefactor's company 1 link to join the company itself. 
  • Depending on which day you're introduced, they will have completed most, or all of their daily contracted duties during their Free Trial Week.
  • They have agreed in writing to act as Benefactors, funding several new Candidates, after monitoring their contractual duties (via automatic email from the System)  

The Inner Core Team Member you meet through the invitation, will invite you, as a member of this Global List, to become a Candidate for Funding on his or her team, sending you a link to his or her PRIVATE Waiting List. 

Still, you can do so without being under any obligation to join us, nor to buy anything, nor to fund others at that point.  (No one is, before they understand what they will be committing to.) You'll go through the same process as everyone, submitting the Letter of Intent, and having time to do your Due Diligence. 


However, this coveted invitation will give you access to:

(1) our PRIVATE Waiting List database and our Enrollment System plus

(2) our Letter of Intent video-form site, which along with special training and other content pages prepared for Private Waiting List members, will also give you

(3) password-protected access to all FREE areas of the Inner Core Un-Business System's Private Study Site while you are evaluating our opportunity yourself, and doing your own evaluation and due diligence as to the companies,  compensation, and the scheduled pay-outs based on our enrollment schedules. as well as newbie-level training and explanations provided for your contacts.

Everything is geared toward portraying your own generous best intentions, foresight and leadership in the best possible light, to encourage our business contacts, and even our own friends and family members to move forward with us. It takes them by the hand and assures their success.

While you'll have some time to review all of this before choosing to begin your own Contract duties (during your Free Trial of Services) you will be very motivated to finally invite your own contacts to your numbered, Private Waiting List of Candidates. Because in this case, many (or most) of them will already have joined THIS site and be building their own pre-launch organization of prospects. 

(4) And of course, you'll have access to qualified leads from THIS Global Waiting List, to assure your own success!  You and your own Team Members will get your own introductions to new members of this Global Waiting List, to help fill any remaining spots on your front-line teams.


You should be ready to start your Free Trial of Services THAT WEEK, however. You will need to have your Short List of at least 35 names, known good email addresses, and a secondary method of contact - PM, IM, social network connection, or phone number that can receive your follow-up text or voicemail.

HINT: Using this System to invite your lists to the Public Waiting List,  gives you a method of qualifying anyone on any of your email lists or address books.

Whoever joins the Public Waiting List through your link), and especially those who follow your lead and access these tools, and actually use them, are your best bets to invite to your own Private Waiting List after yiou receive your introduction and INVITATION.  


So to recap,  then, you will first have access to the entire system and "hand-holding" trainings we are sharing with our own friends and family.

You will see everything that all your own contacts will learn as they choose to become your Candidates, and Benefactors for others, in turn. 

You will be allowed to invite others onto your own, separate PRIVATE Waiting List as well, to take your own Free Trial, and fully-utilize our entire Pay-It-Forward Support System, as you offer it to those on your own Short List.   

Most importantly, you will be on an inside track to prosperity, one which allows you to take your loved ones along with you (without pulling your hair out).




























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