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Our INNER CORE SYSTEM has been called


     . . . Where 30 minutes of spare time per dayover just 30 days, can help provide monthly checks for you and your family!  

"Our exclusive benefactor program was originally designed specifically
to be shared with our friends, family & existing network of contacts, effectively putting them first ( for once ! ) 

But NOW, ANYONE can choose to BUILD a BRAND-NEW LIST without inviting anyone you already know -- Start from Zero contacts, and be up and running in two weeks!"

Why "The UN-BUSINESS" ?  Well, just ask yourself,

"Who has the time, money or ENERGY to start a dang business?"

VERY FEW PEOPLE ! Yet, for example, just in the USA,
(even if they already *have* a job)

 who doesn't want extra income?


to our own friends, family, and personal business contacts ?

     FIRST Practicality UNLIKE ANYTHING ELSE "OUT THERE," OUR System is a Short-Term CONTRACT.

It makes a Low demand on time, skills, funds, or STAMINA -- because most people aren't cut out to start and run a BUSINESS !

  • Far more rewarding than a part-time job . . .   Yet competitive with BETTER THAN that (old standby) option. . . , in terms of:

    1.  how quickly one can break-even VS that first full (disappointing) part-time paycheck,

    2.  plus the time spent finding a job, the expenses of job-acquisition and commuting,

    3. what it takes to HOLD ON to a 2nd job once you DO get one --  just showing up on time, day after day, and being punctual to perform duties first, you probably don't like,  trying to fit into a schedule determined  by an employer -  -  all at great cost to family life!

      • The first thing most working adults think of when they find they can't make ends meet, is moonlighting -- getting a part time job. They've ALREADY clipped coupons, shopped for the best deals, but still can't make ends meet. So they think they need to get a SECOND JOB!

      • But what do they have to go through to GET that extra 7-11 job -- and then HOLD ONTO BOTH their jobs?  How fast can they hunt one down, go apply for it, interview and compete for the job, fight for a schedule that's even remotely workable, and earn what $10.00 an hour in the USA? And when do they get even their first partial paycheck, and then the first FULL one?

  • Easy to duplicate and manage - -

    • Our system builds on basic skills that a great majority of computer users have already developed.  Sending emails, copying and pasting,  and filling out forms on web-pages... that's all they need (and there's training even for that if required.) Everybody sees exactly what they need to do - and sees that they CAN do it.

    • We've automated much of the maintenance ... but EVEN if that automation were to someday BREAK -- the actual manual WORK is nothing new -- nothing people don't already do every day. Just process emails.  (Copy, paste, and send pre-written emails, check your inbox, REPEAT next day! )

  • Built-in methods support personal, focused activity for a short, concentrated period, limited to a 4-to-5-week window, with the most critical and demanding activities falling during the lowest-risk time-frame--actually during a 7-day Free Trial !
  •  This gives us a way to arm our friends with a system that works equally-well for the beginner, letting them in before more-experienced marketers.
  •  Immediately gives our friends something of great perceived value to share with others, as well as the same advantage we have...

That is -- EXCLUSIVITY -- We have something no one else has.

Once our friends are "in," THEY will have it, too.

  This exclusivity is what we can offer our own contacts -- The person that is enrolled holds the ticket - and because ALL Friends and family MUST get on an internal,  Private Waiting List -  no one can enroll immediately, even if they want to ! 

EASY-TO-USE INVITATION SYSTEM:  Each contact's name and email is easily entered into our Invitation System to be sent by email. The approach follow-up may be by Text, Instant Message (IM) or Private Message (PM), or leaving a voicemail - - Fast, Easy and Familiar methods. 

AND the Call-to-Action is simple, low-key, and unattached - -


      Once they've seen our Short-Term Offer of Work, since EVERY candidate MUST go on their friend's Private, Numbered Waiting List -  They understand they can't enroll until an Enrollment Opportunity arises,  and that they must WAIT at least several days, until a new enrollment window is announced. 

      AND this waiting period also serves to give them a chance to get themselves "up to speed," in terms of the system, the company backgrounds and social proof, yet . . .

     They are protected as your prospect during their critical Due Diligence and decision-making process, both via the confidentiality promise in the Letter of Intent, and as time-stamped and documented by your separate, numbered list, which resides within our database... NO unresolved disputes!


Shouldn't it be EVERYONE's right to choose to do business with those who are already known to us, rather than *strangers* ?

WE treat our friends the way we'd like to be treated, giving them first right of refusal on this practical way to get ahead.

. . . And Yet, URGENCY is also Built-In, as well as options to fit most people's actual situations, whether they're shy, maybe even isolated, or whether they're outgoing and well-connected... but don't have anything SOLID to offer their contacts in good conscience....

We ENCOURAGE, WELCOME and INCLUDE people we'd like to help. 

A succession of powerful triggers and encouraging elements, in the referral site itself, gives each of our personal contacts (who may be near-newbies) the best chance of having their own friends and family go ahead and enter their name and email as the first step in our information process.

EVEN FOR THE VERY SHY, we have a low-contact Lead Magnet System & CASH-COWS (offered through a simple, Free Affiliate program with full, basic training) which helps them attract new prospects, without risking a single penny -- or revealing their identity, if they prefer not to ...

All while actually raising a few dollars that they can use for this program (or to help to pay bills until the residual checks start growing).


An effective lead-into our Lead Magnet system is a Godfather Offer -- a Sales Letter site with a performance guarantee offering up to $150 per hour of their work, over as little as ten TOTAL hours of focused effort, to be paid within the same period of time as it would take to earn it at a $10.00/hour part-time store clerk's job. Inside that time frame, they must earn at least $1500 (or be satisfied with the rate their checks are growing) -- or can be paid the difference to walk away. 

ANY MEMBER MAY PASS THIS OFFER ON, TO HIS OWN CONTACTS, AND THERE IS NO AUTO-RESPONDER LIST SIGN-UP FORM AT THE BOTTOM! Our prospects DON'T have to learn how to manage complicated autoresponder services.

Instead, there's just a link to our system's response form, with directions to REPLY TO THE PERSON WHO INVITED THEM , to ask for a link to his or her PRIVATE WAITING LIST. 

THOSE LINKS are then sent MANUALLY to each person who requests them.



It is very clear that being on your personal team is a limited-time offer. As the ball is in your court, you (and all of our Members) are empowered to send an offer email stating ...

"If you're hesitant, first CHECK OUT exactly what work is being asked in exchange for the guaranteed payment offered to us as contractors. THEN, you can take the Free Trial to start next week, actually trying the required Activities out, yourself, without risk.

IF it IS to your satisfaction, I'll be happy to cover your start-up costs, and we'll agree on terms.

You're not committed by then -- you can always drop out before the end of the week, and it will then cost neither of us any money."

"If you really aren't comfortable deciding even that right now, you can always get back to me later - - I can just recommend you to one of my Team members the next time an enrollment opportunity comes around - - it's just that no one can say for sure when that next chance will be." 

And by definition, that will be a true statement.  Their Member's FREE TRIAL and Enrollment weeks will end, and any openings are filled by Global Members - from THIS list. 

But if they're slow -- if the idea of being positioned to get guaranteed new team members, while still being able to invite people they'd like to help, is not compelling enough right now -- then they they still have options (though less-desirable ones) remaining.

They may come back later, and --- there are secondary, possible consolation prizes -- 

    Again, the person already enrolled is empowered and will benefit from the referral, whatever course it may take, or wherever their referred guest happens to be in the process --

"Having your own entry costs paid-for (and ideally, fully-experiencing the AllPaidForward System) is best.

Second-best is paying for your own enrollment, but still having access to this controlled System of 'Giving it Away' or 'Paying it Forward.' You still have the benefit of being introduced to candidates from all across the Globe or all across North America , in case you don't get enough Free Trial requests right away, from your own (contractually-required and monitored) efforts. 

If the timing is just very tough right now... you are welcome to pay your own way (it's under $40, after all) and still utilize our system and support for free,"

And finally, (though I don't know why you wouldn't, maybe you don't agree to our Funding terms - - Maybe you just don't want to "pay it forward?")  

If you'd prefer to rely on each company's existing marketing methods, one of my team members or I can still sponsor you. Plenty of people are earning monthly checks without using this system at all."

"So you can always join either company, and market on your own - Here are my links for future reference.  


I'd just urge you to take advantage of the support that this system offers, if you possibly can. There's nothing else like this 'out there,' that assures everyone's success."


In short, our offer requires relatively little effort or skill -- while insuring each person's commitment to complete their tasks before getting paid.

So no one you might choose to invite (to work with you) has anything to lose, and potentially a great income to gain. 

And the same goes for you!





OFFERING "THE UN-BUSINESS"   :   Positioning – Access – Markets 

  •  Far less-demanding and more realistic than home-based-business models requiring more sustained effort and stamina.
  •  Addresses a massive, under-served global market (low-cost makes it affordable enough to help friends and relatives in different countries)
  •  Seniors can do this with minimal support from younger generations in the family structure, helping make it more practical for the younger members to lend occasional assistance, as well.
  •  The Un-Business is Designed to be Perpetually Self-Funded
  •  Low-cost, high-probability of initial customer acquisition and built-in fast break-even provides extremely low risk . . .
  •  ... yet we're well-rewarded via separate compensation plans to produce high benefit (the rewards making it worth doing in the first place)
  •  Our friends, family and personal contacts are told they can get started for as little as $65 and leverage our system to qualify for a Company 1 bonus, which they can "pay forward" for their Candidates enrollment in Company 2. 
  •  New Global Waiting List Members are advised to have up to $200 in reserve - - still a far smaller budget than most paid-lead-based systems , but assuring they can fully-fund up to 5 members in both programs. They can move to the Top of the List by inviting others to join the list for free, and by either putting money in escrow or asking to join the Administrator's downline, to be strategically-placed on a team ASAP.
  •   Entrepreneurs joining a team contribute their confidence, higher risk-tolerance and a better grasp of the positioning provided by the System.
  •  You get to help people close to you and help assure their success, without having to invest the personal "bandwidth" and energy required to train them.
  •  Yet, you don't lose the leadership strengths of seasoned marketers and networkers who are invited into your organization.





At the other end of the spectrum, what if you’re a management executive?  

This has built-in delegation, division of management labor, plus automated management tools.

Professional Managers and Business-owners – with us, much lower management energy and attention is required to get your team of 3 to 5 started, VS being a Boss. Once you've assured they've completed their requirements, after an initial 5-week period, your attention is far less necessary. 

Information Publishers – managing a horde of Affiliates for your own products AND one or more lists of customers for your various products is time-consuming, and really can’t be easily-outsourced without hiring a full-time affiliate manager.   With us, not only is the compensation and motivation built-in, but you get to leverage the professional employees of the 3 companies making sure fulfillment and enrollment issues are handled.


Before even going into the Strategy and prospective success of the System in the grand scheme of world business, let’s say this -- 

Most people can’t afford NOT to do this. The scheduled future income is too good to pass up for the negligible investment of time and duration of focused attention needed to put these income streams in place.

The INNER CORE SYSTEM does NOT require any participant to learn Marketing or Sales, or to learn how to run a full-fledged, complex business, before ever turning a profit. We don't expect them to. 

Why not?  Well, the first, obvious reason is that most regular people, for whom this is designed to be an attractive alternative to a part-time job, don't WANT to sell, don't think they CAN sell, don't know much if anything about marketing, and may well DISLIKE salespeople and marketers that blast them with ads. 

And if you are an active marketer, would you actually expect, say, family members to all be able to handle the learning curve of Internet Marketing?

Besides, even among my many friends who are professional sales executives, the LAST thing they want to do after a day or a week full of selling and stressing about meeting quotas and deadlines, is to go and try to sell someone or something else!

3rd, most people simply can't take on the decisions and investments and other concerns involved with running a business.  Short of the great tax benefits (which themselves require more financial management, keeping of receipts and paperwork than many want to deal with) running a business isn't much fun, ESPECIALLY if you're not making money!

They don't have to learn the ins and outs of marketing approaches, systems and tools which are changing (and being shoved at them daily), forcing them to make FAR MANY MORE DECISIONS than the average person is accustomed to making daily, weekly, etc. OVERWHELM is extremely common, and stops many would-be marketers in their tracks. 


Market Segment:  Allows access to a broad demographic of working adults who are not likely to succeed at mass on-line marketing, and are thus not being served by more technologically-demanding systems.

Focus against existing Competition:  

"High TECH" A high level of well–established and tested technology within provider networks is kept in the background, in the infrastructure and underlying business models... our participants simply reap their benefits.  

"High TOUCH" -  Existing personal relationships (coupled with the low skill-level of skill or technical sophistication expected of the average participant) allow the System to greatly leverage user participation (a la social networks like FaceBook and other Web 2.0 business models).

Our Target market is far broader than that of the early-adopter, bleeding-edge and cutting-edge online marketers who are typically aggressive and technologically-savvy and who might dabble in Multi-tiered programs only incidentally, but not as their main focus.

Our demographic is also considerably broader than those who are attempting to build Multi-Level marketing organizations from home, utilizing a range of lead-generation methods to include paid or free Internet Marketing as principal components. 

For the most part, these marketers have abandoned or at least avoided ANY warm-market approaches -- UNTIL perhaps they have set-up workable funnels based on lead-generation and follow-up, and some significant level of success is attained.  

       Many who attempt these approaches, however, never reach that level of success, and thus never include their closer contacts.

Diversification of FOCUSED Income Streams

Building a single central affiliate organization which is diversified enough to provide safe investment of our personal time, plugging-into/ leveraging affiliate systems of proven-reliable existing global service providers, with impeccable payment records.

Our method begins with a sequenced focus on just two compatible service providers.  This is a solid alternative both to various "Funded Proposal" and Affiliate-Program Aggregation sites

As of this writing we are aware of are at least 5 popular systems which utilize our Affiliate Company #1 as an "anchor" program, and with good reason - it's low-cost, global, and offers a Free trial and a long-standing fast-start bonus - designed as a reward for massive action.

  But in our case, it's for Focused action.

   Affiliates are especially fickle and easily distracted by multiple opportunities. We narrow the attention for a realistic window of time, and win.

Our contacts realize that if they don't "get in" first, their own friend's team will be filled by entrepreneurs from THIS (Public, GLOBAL) Waiting List of active seekers who answered Opportunity ads.



  • committed to marketing and promotion, AND
  • intent on finding OTHERS so committed, and you . . .
  • DON'T MIND running a home-based BUSINESS and  (dang it)  think that no one else should mind it either, if they want to get paid -- Well, great!  If you are thus committed, go for one of "those" plans.  Best of luck to you.

OR . . .  


... you can start with our INNER CORE UN-BUSINESS SYSTEM here, with us, and build a solid income foundation !  

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